Colposcopy aided with DySIS Technology


Colposcopy is one of the few areas of medicine that has not changed since the 1920’s. It is a tough, subjective and variable exam. The DySIS™ system is an FDA-cleared, next generation colposcope that uses dynamic spectral imaging to standardize and quantify the acetowhitening process during a colposcopic exam. It is commercialized in over 20 countries and was recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK as clinically and cost-effective in 2012.

The system includes acetowhitening video playback and a quantitative, color-coded analysis (DySISmap™) highlighting the most intensely acetowhite areas for additional review. The map is used in conjunction with other colposcopic observations to select and mark biopsy sites, provide guidance during biopsy, store superior documentation for longitudinal tracking, and potentially improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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  •  Christopher G. Seeker, MD

    Michael F. Phillips, MD

    Robert K. Cowan, MD

    Marco A. Uribe, MD

    Mark D. Akin, MD

  • Dr. Christopher Seeker and Dr. Robert Cowan have been named Austin Fit Magazine's Best of 2016 OB/GYN Doctor award winners! Their compassion for their patients, and dedication to the practice, is unmatched.

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