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The doctors encourage first-time parents to enroll in childbirth classes, whether scheduled for vaginal delivery or cesarean.  Our childbirth class is offered monthly on a Saturday and is designed for those who prefer a one-day workshop.  The classes are offered on Saturdays from 9:00-3:30 and will meet in our AAOBGYN office waiting room.

Topics that will be covered are:

The process of Labor and Delivery, Brief discussion of Lamaze and relaxation,  Pain control and anesthesia options,  Hospital experience,  Tips on choosing a pediatrician,  Discussion with a pediatrician about basic newborn experiences,  Tour of Labor and Delivery,  Discussion of cesarean delivery indications and process,  Postpartum care.

This is a fun, interactive class.  Kelly has been teaching this class for AAOBGYN for 22 years.  We will have a pediatrician speak at the class and we will discuss the basics of newborn care.  We discuss the issues as it would pertain to either a vaginal or cesarean delivery.  We discuss most of the interventions you may undergo in the hospital. Postpartum is such an important topic that deserves discussion, again whether delivering vaginally or by cesarean.  This is an enjoyable class.  We will break for lunch and will take a tour of the hospital.  Couples receive lots of good information which will serve them well.

COST: $100 per couple.  Please make payment the day of the class.  Please pay by cash, check, or Venmo..  Checks would be payable to Kelly Reagan.


For more information, contact Kelly Reagan at Austinchildbirthclass@gmail.com


To register, please email the desired class date and your name to Austinchildbirthclass@gmail.com 


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