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Skin health is important to overall health and wellness, and having a regular skin care routine is important for maintaining healthy skin. At Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility, women from throughout the Austin, Texas, area receive skin care designed for their specific needs to help them enjoy healthier skin at every age.

Aesthetics Procedures Q & A

Why is skin care so important as I get older?

The skin is an organ – the largest organ of the body – and to keep it healthy and supple, it needs to be cared for at every age. Age-related changes like increasing dryness occur when the oil glands in the skin slow down their production of natural lubricants, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and textural changes while also disrupting skin's pH level. Having a skin care regimen ensures each person receives optimized care to keep their skin looking and feeling its best at every age. Plus, a regular skin care routine helps skin maintain a barrier against disease so it stays healthy. And finally, routine evaluations of skin are important for identifying early signs of disease like skin cancer so the most appropriate treatment can be provided as soon as possible.

How can lasers help my skin look and feel its best?

Lasers can be used to deliver highly focused energy to different layers of skin depending on the type of damage that's being treated. Some types of laser procedures treat upper layers of dry, damaged skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while stimulating the production of collagen so skin continues to improve in texture and tone over time. Many of today's advanced skin laser systems use “fractional” technology which treats tiny, individual columns of skin leaving the surrounding skin untreated, producing amazing results with less downtime and discomfort. Laser can also be used to gently firm skin and to reduce the appearance of pores and blood vessels just under the skin.

Are laser procedures safe?

Yes, lasers have been used for many years to treat an array of skin issues. One of the benefits of using lasers in skin rejuvenation is that treatments can be carefully customized for each patient's unique needs for optimal results. Plus, laser procedures can be performed right in the office without incisions or anesthesia.

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