Newborn Care - Kristie

Kristie Willis, RN, BSN: Kristie has been a nurse for 22 at Austin Area OBGYN. She currently works for Dr. Robert Cowan, but has also worked with all of our physicians. She has been teaching our Newborn Care Class since March 2001 and Childbirth Classes since May 2008.


Location: Office Waiting Room #100 (St. David's Women's Center for Texas)

Price: $40 per couple; Cash or Check (Checks payable to Kristie Willis): may pay at class or drop off with nurse ahead of time. 



Newborn Class Dates 2023

January 25th                    July 19th

February 15th                 August 16th

March 22nd                     September 20th

April 19th                         October 11th

May 24th                          November 15th

June 14th                         December 6th



Voice, Text, or Email Options:

Phone: (512) 775 - 4677 (Text Only)

Email: kristie.classes@gmail.com

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